Treos Wines Vineyard

Treos Wines Vineyard

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memorial Day Happenings!

TREOS will Host a Weekend Tasting from 1 pm - 6 pm May 23rd - May 25th

(10705 Airlie Rd, Monmouth OR 97361)

Come on by and sample some of our new wines and treat yourself to your award winning favorites!!

   ALBARINO 2014

Our 2014 ALBARINO is in the bottles and tasting FABULOUS!! Last year we didn't have enough to go around but after the great harvest of 2014...there will be more this time!
You will find this famous white wine, originally from the northwest of Spain, gives flavors that are bold with a crisp minerality. Notes of melon, green apple and citrus combine to create a full bodied wine that will enhance pairings with seafood, cheese, or possibly even a great Thai dish. 
Our wine makers went to great lengths to study this wine's natural home in Spain.  They researched longitude, altitude and climate before we planted our first Albarino vines in 2010. We thought it would work well...and it has!  It's crisp like you would expect of a great Spanish Albarino with plenty of body to keep it interesting and lasting on the palate. 

Our newest wine to be released: 
      PINOT GRIS 2013

Our 2013 PINOT GRIS saturates the senses with ruby grapefruit blossom and light melon aromas, followed by flavors of lemon meringue, honeydew melon and with hints of just ripe braeburn apples that linger throughout a long, satisfying finish.
This is already a favorite for "on the deck" sipping for summer parties and events. You'll be amazed how easily this one pairs with food or is just enjoyable to drink by itself!